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How to Respond to to Positive Reviews in Specific Industries

Here are some examples of best practices in a variety of sectors on how to reply to positive reviews, left about your business, by your customers. It may seem simple, but you need to master your replies when it comes to responding to positive reviews.

How to Respond to a Positive Review in the Fitness Industry

Thank the respondent for their review and be the cheerleader for their fitness outcomes.


How to Respond to a Positive Review in the Financial Industry

Financial_Positive review examples

The respondent thanks the reviewer for their time, asks that they do business with them again and closes with a great message wishing the poster a great day.


How to Respond to a Positive Review in the Legal Industry

Financial Positive review response example

This review is great example of how you can slip in a marketing message into the response of your positive review. The respondent again offers a sentiment that they hope they’ll have the opportunity to work with the client again, closing off by wishing the reviewer a good day.


How to Respond to a Positive Review in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Positive review example

Inviting a happy customer back to visit you again is always a great tactic to try when responding to positive reviews for businesses in the hospitality industry.


How to Respond to a Positive Review for a Car Dealership

Car Dealership Positive review example

By mentioning keywords like dealership name, this positive review is more likely to come up in a search result for queries related to vehicle service and car dealerships. The respondent highlights the 5-star rating and welcomes the reviewer back.

How to Respond to a Positive Review for the Insurance Industry

Insurance positive review example

This is a great example of how to respond to a good review, where the reviewer only left a star rating. Even though the customer did not provide a detailed description of their experience you can still respond by using keywords and thanking the author for the great rating.

How to Respond to a Positive Review for the Medical Industry (Doctors, Dentists, etc.)

Medical positive review example

Reiterating positive feedback is always a great tactic, sprinkle in some keywords by adding in the business name and you’ve got a great response to an even better review.

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