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Listing Builder is the first step toward success with your customers. You are getting the most essential set of tools your business needs to start your online presence. It’s your intro to Listings Management getting you business NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone Number and Website) all over the Internet, and ensuring that wherever it’s located, it’s accurate to anyone viewing it.

You’ll be able to see your business profile, NAP+W and make changes all across the Internet from just one location. You’ll also be able to add a mobile optimize landing page and see visits to that page. Check to ensure your NAP+W is accurate with the big data aggregators. and if they are sending out accurate information. You can also check on how many sites, across the internet, have your NAP+W listed correctly, all for free.

Finding errors in your listing data? Time to upgrade to Listing Distribution and List Sync. Scroll down to find out more about these two apps.

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Correct Your Bad Listings

Listings are the very foundation of your online presence. If they not right, everything else won’t matter. If any of your NAP+W are wrong, your customers won’t trust your business. Is your NAP+W amplifying bad data across the internet? We pull data from the top 70 directories ensuring nothing gets missed.  

Consistent, accurate listings and the generation of reviews will directly benefit a business’s visibility by boosting its ranking in local search engine results. Search engine optimization is a complex tool, so why not take advantage of it by simply ensuring your business is listed accurately! Increased visibility means more customers, and what business doesn’t want that?

Today your potential customers want reassurance before committing to a purchasing from your business and they are turning to online review sites to learn all they can about your service or product. These can be sites such as Google, Yelp, Maps, TripAdvisor, among others that allow customers to give advice, or to read past customer experiences directly from the source.

Our Listing Builder app allows you sync up to four social media accounts; Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for free. You can post to all these accounts right inside your dashboard, eliminating the need to open each individual account. You can also check your reviews from Facebook and GMB and post reply comments to those reviews. We even have pre-made replies you can use, in case your not sure what to write. Don't have a social media site?  We can build whichever site you want or all four for a modest fee. And for a limited time, we'll build your Google My Business account for free and link it under your dashboard to see the results we have promised our clients. 

Want more freemiums?

Get a mobile optimized landing page and get a backlink to your website. Backlinks are just about the best thing you can get for your website, they rank very high with search engines in moving up in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and the more backlinks you have, the more authority search engines will give your site.  You can design just about everything on this page, use colors that match your website, add you logo and so much more, another freemium.

Want a valuable glimpse of your customer's activity, including how customers find your listing and what customers do with that information, we'll include that with our GMB Insights that you can review for free too. Our reporting also provides a unique KPI that is not available from within Google Search Console itself: “Queries on 1st page of Google Search”. This number is calculated daily, and reveals if your business is making progress in the outcome you truly want: to show up on page one of Google search, and get more website visits from more potential customers. This metric tracks exactly that, with no extra noise.

How about a SMS system to send text messages to your customers. We'll provide up to 100 SMS messages per month, how's that for a freemium? And you can send more by upgrading your services. Today, more customers respond to text message than email, 45% response rate for SMS messages compared to just 8% for email and 9 out of 10 customers prefer to communicate with businesses through text message, whether through alerts, reminders, back and forth communication, etc. (SMS Comparison, 2021)

And for the coup de grâce, you can see all your results in our executive report section in the dashboard and receive them each week in email, letting you know what's happening with your connection to your customers.  Review your Impressions, engagements and leads in graph form and if they are in a uptick or downtick mode. Review your listing status, Google My Business, reputation of your business, your social engagements and if you had any new Google's new (Q&A) that need your attention and if your running Google, Facebook or LocalAds advertising, how your performance is doing, another freemium.

Your welcome.

Current, there are 4 data aggregator companies that gather NAP-W data on businesses and they provide this data to hundreds of listing directories, review sites, search engines, and more. Did you know that most businesses have either missing or incorrect data that can result in unhappy customers, lost revenue, and a drop in local search ranking.  Our needs-assessment report demonstrates whether your business has these problems and if you do, we can help you fix them by using our Listing Distribution app found in your dashboard.

It works is like this:

Listing Distribution submits your business information to the main data aggregators: Neustar/Localeze, Foursquare, Data Axle, and Factual.  Over time, hundreds of directories will reference these aggregators to collect business data and create accurate listings based on your submitted information. This includes search engines, navigation systems, voice search, mobile apps, and even offline sources like telephone books and government records.

When multiple sources have consistent business data, two outcomes occur:

1. Google’s WebCrawler finds the same information in multiple places and adds more confidence to their business data

2. Good backlinks are created with more referring sources to the business’ website creating better SEO.

As soon as you start this service, we push your NAP+W to the big 4. It can take 6-8 weeks for them to receive the information and ensure it is correct in their own databases. It is then up to the sites and sources to update their information from the data aggregators. They each query them at various intervals—some seek out the information weekly, monthly, etc. Therefore, the timeline for when a source picks up that information will vary greatly depending on their process for updating their data.

When a listing is created or modified in our system, the information is sent within 24 hours. The data aggregators receive this data and provide us with confirmation within 6-8 weeks. We also refresh your listing data once every week to ensure that aggregators always have the most accurate version of your listing.

Note: Listing Distribution is an upgrade and pricing can be found in your dashboard under the Store tab on the left. You can start and stop this service anytime you want.

With the use of online search growing at a rapid pace, it’s more important than ever to ensure your business listings are present, accurate, and protected from unwanted changes. Listing Sync Pro in your dashboard gives you control how your business appears across the internet. With the click of a button, you can instantly create and update listings across an established network of sites. Better yet, it keeps information protected from third-party changes—putting you in control of your online brand.

Get found on search engines, social networks, mobile apps, navigation systems, and more with Listing Sync Pro! Make updates in real-time - Holiday hours, address changes, new payment methods - so your clients' customers will always find the most up-to-date information. Automatically re-establish accurate information when a change has been made to a listing. Protect your data from changes by competitors, data aggregators, and other third parties. See a list of missing or inaccurate business listings, giving your customers in your business.

Listing Sync Pro syncs the following information to each site:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Payment methods
  • Services
  • Brands
  • Hours of Operation
  • Holiday Hours - Notes
  • Media Library


Note: Listing Sync Pro is an upgrade and does support service area businesses; however, GPS sources will not be synced as there is no physical location for the business.

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